A warm welcome to our website - theteedrive.com. We have spoken to many golfers and listened to their delight, pleasures and even fears about their game. The tee drive found that most golfers' ambition is to improve their swing and to drive consistently over 300 yards (274.3M) without hooks or slices.

The tee drive.com has put together, comprehensive and concise information about the services that all golfers might need in the UK and Ireland.

The tee drive.com guest writers will keep you up to date with useful articles to improve your golf game. Please click the tee drive Mind Body Button for a list of specialists in your area. The tee drive.com is developing a register of golfers who have consistently shown the best tee drive. A summary of these records will be published on the website.

The tee drive.com is a small and concise website dedicated to golfers driving to succeed. We have tried to include the essentials for all golfers. If you feel that there are areas not covered we would welcome your comments.

If you are new to the game, the first step is to find a professional coach; you will find one on the Mind and Body Button and at your local course or driving range. The tee drive can be your most important strength. Watch the professionals drive. Finally, enjoy the great characters, the integrity of the rules, companionship and the outstanding gamesmanship that surrounds the wonderful game of golf.

The editor